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Jewel & the Rough
Band Bio

Band Bio's

Jewel Cobb - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals and Percussion

Growing up in the Midwest in the early 70's, being an 8-year old with a 19-year old brother meant listening to bands like Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. And with her very own Mr. Microphone in hand, Jewel would belt out the likes of "Teach Your Children Well", "Joy to The World", and "Love the One You're With" while the vinyl albums she would sneak out of here brother's room were playing in the background. ("When you're 8, you don't realize that with those headphones on that everyone else in the house is hearing the a cappella version - sorry Mom & Dad...").

After moving to Denver in 1994 to pursue the equestrian sport of Dressage, Jewel left music on the back burner, singing a little backup here and there with a few friends' bands. Then in early 2000 Jewel traded in the Mr. Microphone and her Cher albums and started doing some sets with the local Denver band Willie and the Po' Boys. It was through Willie's band that she met her first band-mates, bass player Don Pennington and drummer, Bob Lee. "Don and I talked about getting together and jamming. He brought in long-time friend and drummer Bob Lee and Jewel & the Rough was born!".

"I've logged a lot of stage miles and musical experience since then (relatively speaking)! With the musical experience of the guys, though, I've had to 'grow up' real fast." Of the Rough, Jewel says, "Opportunities present themselves at the right time for the right reasons. I still can't believe how lucky I've been to find such a high-quality and professional group of musicians. Our chemistry both on-stage and off-stage is amazing!!".

Mike Lewis - Bass Guitar, Harmony and Lead Vocals

Mike has been playing bass in bands around the Denver area for the last 30+ years. He also shares the singing duties, both lead and backup. His passion is playing 70's and 80's rock covers, but has also played in bands that specialize in everything from blues to country. Local bands include No Crisis, The Resonatorz, The Usual Suspects, C470, and Core Zero.

Pat Casey - Lead Guitar, Harmony and Lead Vocals

Pat started playing in bands in NY back in the 80s and loved music so much decided to make it a career by receiving a BA in music and opening a teaching studio which was ultimately moved to Denver in ’95. This move led to several stints playing guitar and singing in classic rock bands, a few country bands and a role in a revised Beatlemania tour playing bass, piano and being “Paul” as well as a few local Beatle bands. Aside from performing, Pat enjoys recording music in his basement studio and building guitars from kits.

Dan Hamilton - Keyboards, Harmony & Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Sound Engineering

Dan first moved to the Denver area in 1984. He played with several local rock and Top-40 cover bands through the 80's and 90's including Notorious, Trainwreck, Dazzler, and Coda. The 80's "big hair" may be gone, but Dan continues to add energy to every band performance. He has long been the "sound man" for the bands he has worked with, and when he is not performing, he can often be found behind the mixing console at any one of a number of festivals and other events.

Keith McGee - Drums, Percussion, Harmony & Lead Vocals

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