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Jewel and the Rough is more than just a Denver area Rock and Roll band performing covers from the '70's, '80's, '90's and now. . .

Jewel & the Rough is the band for those who NEED to dance and NEED to rock. Comprised of six distinctive personalities, the band is an unparalleled example of how the sum can be greater than the individual parts it was derived from. Individually, the band members bring many different personal experiences and musical influences to the stage, then gel them together, forming a commanding and dynamic live entertainment experience.

Jewel & the Rough's stage presence is that of a high-energy rock concert - gaining power and energy from the crowd. The band feeds off the audience energy while continually involving them and drawing them into a rock and roll experience like no other. From Bruno Mars to Prince, Bon Jovi to Dua Lipa and Usher to Guns & Roses to Journey. . . you get it all (and then some) from Jewel & the Rough.

The desire to perform keeps the band rehearsing and gigging. Be sure to check out the calendar for an updated list of where Jewel & the Rough will be appearing.

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